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Financial Crisis and Role of Government
Public Administration and Policy Review
Dong Keyong

Curriculum Vita

Keyong DONG


Address: School of Public Administration                                               

Renmin University of China                                

Beijing , 100872, CHINA                                                  

Tel: 86-10-6251-1122(O)

Fax: 86-10-6251-6240(O)      

Email: dongkeyong@mparuc.edu.cn

Date of Birth : Aug.18, 1953                                                                 

Nationality:Chinese .




Field of Interests:

Labor Economics, Human Resource Management, Social Security and Social Welfare



Ph.D of Economics

Renmin University of China

Awarded National Excellent Doctoral Thesis


Master of Economics

Renmin University of China


Bachelor of Economics,

Department of Labor Economics, Beijing Economics College


Professional Experience:

l        2001-Present  Dean, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China

l        2000-Present  Director, Renmin University Center for Human Resource Research

l        1995-2000    Dean,  School of Labor and Human Resource, Renmin University of China

l        1997- 2002   Director, Institute of Social Security, Renmin University of China

l        1985-Present  Renmin University of China

n        1995-present      Professor

n        1990-1995        Associate Professor

n        1986-1990             Lecturer

n        1985-1986        Assistant lecturer

l        2009         Adjunct Professor in China National School of Public      administration

l        2003         Adjunct Professor in University of Michigan, U.S.

l        2001         Visiting Scholar in Gent University, Belgium          

l        1994         Visiting Scholar in Carleton University, Canada

l        1992         Visiting Scholar in Ohio State University, U.S.A.   


Membership in Professional Societies:

l        Associate President of China Administration Society

l        Associate President of The China Association of Labor Studies

l        Associate President of China Association of Human Resource Development

l        Deputy Director of Education Directorate Committee of University’s Public Administration Discipline of Ministry of Education,

l        Committee of National MPA education Directorate in China,

l        1999-present   Editor of  International Journal of Human Resources management

l        1996-present   Advisor of APEC-HRD China Network

l        1996-present   Advisor of PECC-HRD



Teaching and Research Activities (1985 - Present)

Lectures on:        

·        Labor and Social Security Policies

·        Human Resources Management

·        Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

·        Public Police During Economic Reform of China


Recent Research Projects:

National and provincial/ministerial research projects in the latest 5 years:

1.      National Social Science Foundation of China, significant Project “Study on Policy of Modifying Income Redistribution Configuration and Reducing Income Variation” (05&ZD049), 2005-2008

2.      National Excellent Doctoral Thesis Foundation Program “Study on Policy of Individual Income Distribution in Transitional Periods”, 2004-2008

3.      Humanity and Social Science Key Research Base, Significant Project “Study on Labor Market of the Expanded European Union” (05JJDGJW050), 2007-2008

4.      Sub-project of “Macro Strategy Study of Environment in China” of Ministry of Environmental Protection of P.R. China, “System and Mechanism of Environmental Management” chief expert, 2007-2008

5.      National Social Science Foundation as sponsor, “Responsive Mechanisms of Significant Emergency”, 2003

6.      National Social Science Foundation as sponsor, “The Economic Impact brought by SARS”,2003

7.      National Social Science Foundation Projects “MPA Education and Human Resource Development System of Public Sector”, 2002-2004

8.      Development and Reform Commission of Beijing “Eleventh Five-year Plan” program “Issues study of Citizen’s income Distribution”(Social-63(B)), 2004

9.      Philosophy Social Science “Tenth Five-year Planning” Special Program of Beijing, “Study on Development and Institutional Innovation of suburb regions in Beijing” (02BJCCS016), 2002-2003



1. Monographs, translations and textbooks (partial)

1)        Human Resource Management , co-author with Xiafeng Ye, China Renmin University Press, involved in National Level Textbooks Project of General Senior Education “Tenth Five Year Plan” and “Eleventh Five Year Plan”, first edition published in 2003.9, second edition in 2007.8.

2)         “Towards a Government characterized by Proactive Public Service”, chief editor, China Renmin University Press, 2007.10.

3)        Frontiers of Public Administration, as one of chief editors, English version has been published in the U.S., ISBN 0-942942-05-1, 2006

4)         Governing in ancient times of China, subeditor, China Renmin University Press, 2004.9

5)        “Public Governance and Institutional Innovation” ,chief editor, China Renmin University Press,2004.5

6)         Study on Compensation Issues in the Transitional Period of China, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, 2003.1

7)        “Compensation Management”, translation, China Renmin University Press, 2002.11 (sixth edition), 2008.8 (ninth edition)

8)        “Social Security Conspectus, one of chief editors, China Renmin University Press, first edition published in 2000.6, second edition in 2004, third edition at 2008.



2. Papers (partial)

1)        Keyong Dong, Medical Insurance System Evolution in China, “China Economic Review”

doi:10.1016/j.chieco.2009.05.011, 2009

2)        Keyong Dong, Dan Wang, Inter-nation coordination mechanisms and implications of European Social Security System, “Comparative Economics and Social Systems”, 2008 (4)

3)        Keyong Dong, Dan Wang, Theoretical Foundation of Establishing Investigation and Comparison Mechanism of Civil Servants’ Salary in China, “China Talent”, 2008. 8, total 315 issues

4)        Keyong Dong, Hongwei Wang, Emergency Response Management in China mirrored by South China, China Emergency Management ,2008 (2)

5)        Deqing Yang, Keyong Dong, Universal Pension System: an Exploration of Rural Old Age Security, “China Public Administration”, 2008(3)

6)        Keyong Dong, Gang Li, “Belgium Unemployment Insurance and its Functioning System”, “Population & Economics”, 2008(1)

7)        Keyong Dong, New Ecosystem and New Challenges of Human Resource Management in China, “Human Resource Development of China”, 2007(12)

8)        Hongwei Wang, Keyong Dong, Social Reaction of Emergency from Public Administration Concept Perspective, China Public Security2007(4)

9)        Keyong Dong, Deli Cheng, Compensation Issues in the Transitioning Economy, “Hunan Social Sciences”, 2006(1), reprint by “”Xinhua Digest”, 2006(8)

10)    Keyong Dong “MPA Education and Public Sector Human Resource Development in China”, “Frontiers of Public Administration” ISBN 0-942942-05-1,2006

11)    Keyong Dong, Deli Cheng, Dilemmas encountered by Famers without Lands in Suburb Regions and the Way towards “Problems Solved”: the Case of Beijing “Economics Theory and Business Management”, 2006 (3)

12)    Keyong Dong, A discussion of the government’s roles in Human Resource Development, “Human Resource Development of China” ,2006(9)

13)    Keyong Dong, Thoughts on Discipline System and Curriculums of Public Administration,  China Public Administration”, 2005(11)

14)    Keyong Dong, Thoughts Public Policy of Employment Issues, “Economics Theory and Business Management”, 2005(4)

15)    Keyong Dong, Thoughts on Education Model of Postgraduate Students in Economics and Management, “Academic Degrees & Gradation Education” , 2005(3)

16)    Keyong Dong, Human Resource Management and its Characteristics of Public Organizations. “Human Resource Development of China ”, 2004(6)  

17)    Keyong Dong, Social Security System Reform in China, “China Economic Review”, 2003(14)

18)    Keyong Dong, Analysis and Comments on the Latest Policies of Old Age Security, “Population and Economics”, 2001(3)