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Financial Crisis and Role of Government
Public Administration and Policy Review
Li Zhen

Zhen Li




Position: Professor and Director of the Institute for Social Security Study,

School of Public Administration Renmin University , China                                


Tel: 86-10-6251-3554

Fax: 86-10-6251-3554 

Email: lizhen1113@vip.sina.com




Field of Interests:

Social Security Theory and Policy Analysis, Social Security Fund Management, Comparison on International Social Security System, Pension Reform



Ph.D of Economics

Wuhan University


Master of Economics

Wuhan University


Bachelor of Law

Huazhong Normal University


Professional Experience:

        2007-Present  Institute of social security, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China

l   1986-2007    Department of insurance, Department of Social Security, Wuhan University

l   1986-1988, 1992-1993   Visiting Scholar in University of Michigan


Administrative experience:

  2011-Present  Director of Institute of social security, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China

 2000-2005    Vice President of Strategic Management Research School of Wuhan University

               Vice President of Public Administration School of Wuhan University


 Lectures on:  (partial)        

        Theory of Social Security

        Management and Supervision of Social Security Fund

        Study on Social Security Policy of China

        The International Comparison of Social Security System


Recent Research Projects: (partial)

1.     National Social Science Foundation of China, Project Study on Individual Account of Basic Old Age Insurance Fund Market Management (08BJY158), 2008-2011

2.    National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project Study onThe Theory Analysis of Chinas Rural Social Security System,( 70341001) ,2003

3.    National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project Study on Social Security Management and Supervision(79970106), 1996-2001

4.  National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project Study on Social Security Management System(79841003),1998

5.    211 Project Programme, Analysis and Evaluation on Basic Old Age Social Insurance System in China, 2010-2011

6.    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, Project The important talents national insurance system research, 2011

7.  China National Health Development Rearch Center, Ministry of Health, Project Medical Insurance Financing Literature Research, 2010

8.   Humanity and Social Science Key Research, Ministry of Education, Project Theoretical and Empirical Research on Fiscal budget and Social Security Transfer Payment,( 05JJD840008) 2005-2008

9.   Ministry of Education Planning Project, Study on Chinese and foreign pension fund supervision certain question (98GAQ79005), 1998

10. Social Science Foundation of Hubei Province, Significant Project, Breakeven Analysis on the Old Age Social Insurance in Hubei Province, 2002-2003



1. Monographs, translations and textbooks (partial)

1)        Study on the Management System of Basic Old Age Social Insurance Individual Account Fund, chief editor, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, 2008.10

2)         Choice on China Old-Age Social Insurance Management Mode-Based on International Comparative Study, chief editor, People's Publishing House, 2005.

3)       The Ministry of education of Humanities and social sciences main courses teaching material In twenty-first Century Insurance Science, one of chief editors, first edition published in 1998, second edition in 2005

4)       Promises To Keep Saving Social Securitys Dream, translation, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, 2003

5)       The Ministry of education of Humanities and social sciences main courses teaching material In twenty-first Century Theory on Social Security , chief editor, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, first edition published in 2002, second edition in 2007

6)       Reform and Perfect on China Social Security System, co-author with Siwei Cheng, Democracy and construction Publishing House, 2000

7)      Social Security System and Economy Development, author, Wuhan University Press, 1998


2. Papers (partial)

1)       Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, Course and Evaluation on Privatization Pension Reform in the UK, Insurance Studies 2011(2)

2)      Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, Ping Wang, Research on the Old Age Income Security System in Rural Area of China, Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Science), 2010 (9)

3)         Zhen Li, Yimeng Zhou, Social Old Age Security System Sweden Mode-What does Sweden Nominal Individual Account Solve Dynamic Economics, 2010(8)

4)        Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, The Mechanism of the Falling Replacement Rate of the Basic Old Age Insurance and the Meaning of the Policy, Population & Economics, 2010(6)

5)        Zhen Li, Ping Wang, Social Insurance Analysis on the New Rural Co-operative Medical System, Journal of Huazhong Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences) ,2010(5)

6)       Zhen Li, Rethinking on the Privatizaition of Public Pension Plans, Journal of Renmin University, 2010(2), China Social Security, 2010(1)

7)       Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, Study on Perfect the Unemployment Social Insurance Micro-level Protection and Macro-level Management Function in China-Based on the Enlightenment of Financial Crisis, Insurance Studies 2010(2)

8)         Zhen Li, View the Fairness and Unfairness of Pension Reform Rationally, Changjiang Times ,2010-3-20

9)         Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, Study on Emergency Policy of China Unemployed People Economic Protection under Financial Crisis, China Economy Reform, 2009(6)

10)     Zhen Li, Jinhai Yao, Securities Markets, State-Owned Enterprises Reform and Social Security Perfection CA Reflection on Coming into Sale of Large or Small Non-Tradable Share Journal of Shanghai University (Social Sciences) ,2009(6)

11)    Zhen Li, Haidong Wang, The Quantitative Analysis on the Relationship Between the Rate of Return and the Replacement Rate of Individual Basic Pension Accounts, Journal of Public Management, 2009 (4)

12)    Zhen Li, On the Precondition for the Sustainable Development of Basic Insurance for the Old: Investing Individual Account Funds in Capital Market, China Soft Science ,2007(5)

13)  Zhen Li, Huibing Ke, Social Security Right and Responsibility Division between Governments and its Transfer Payment in the U.S., China Economy Reform, 2007(5)

14)   Zhen Li, Qinghua Cao, Study on the Structual Imbalance and Regional Difference in Social Security Transfer Payment, Journal of Ningxia University (Humanities and Social Sciences) , 2007(3)15)  Yongyong Sun, Zhen Li, Study on Policy assets allocation model of China Social Old Age Insurance Fund Statistics and Decision , 2006(9)16)    Yongyong Sun, Zhen Li, The Analysis of the Indexing Strategy of Social Pension Funds, Journal of Public Management , 2006 Vol.3 No.2

17)    Zhen Li, The Theory of Chinas Rural Social Security System, Wuhan University Journal( Philosophy&Social Science), 2006(1)